Drones & Good provides vocational training to unemployed populations. Trainees learn the fundamentals of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs), their regulatory framework, the flight dynamics, and the software and technical features, to name a few. They also follow a field-based training to understand safety and weather issues and experience different missions with companies from various sectors. They eventually learn advanced techniques and maintenance as well as the basics of post-flight data processing. Drones & Good also provides our trainees with hands-on opportunities in a real commercial environment. 


Drones & Good operates training centers in the Bay Area (California, USA) and in France.

We live in a world where talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. Our mission is to close that gap. Our mission is to unlock this potential by finding and training top tech talent, particularly from underrepresented populations globally. Our three main training programs are focusing on the jobs of tomorrow in high-demand, high-growth industries: software development, high-tech entrepreneurship, and commercial drone applications.




Start & Code is an unprecedented program in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg addressing youth and immigrant unemployment. Start & Code is a set of intensive coding programs for unemployed youth and immigrants to increase their employability. To support them in their transition to the IT sector, a startup incubation program is hosted under the same roof in the three countries. The mission of the program is to foster job creation and make young talents more employable by tech companies. By gathering local public and private partners, Start & Code’s objective is to train about 90 web developers and to support 8 high-growth potential startups by 2018.



Providing unemployed populations with meaningful career paths in the booming drone COMMERCIAL industry

Meet tech startups and learn the basics of coding in the Benelux

#1 bootcamp dedicated to 

entrepreNeurship in underserved areas

Yes Oui Can is a unique program supported by the U.S Department of State. The goals of the program are threefold: to spread the entrepreneurial spirit among undeserved youth; to raise the awareness on entrepreneurs; and to unleash new business ideas by creating interactions between people from all backgrounds.


Between Quiberon in Brittany and Paris, this program offers various activities and workshops around entrepreneurship and sailing. During the whole training, young people are supervised by American and French entrepreneurs and top athletes.

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