On April 7th 2,016, the 5th edition of IMPACT2 took place at Paris City Hall. Business leaders, policymakers, financial institutions and entrepreneurs promoted Entrepreneurship and the new economy worldwild.





"It is a gathering to which I have been faithful since its creation. I immediately joined this initiative led by Nicolas Hazard and supported by public, private and philanthropic organizations. Gathering together entrepreneurs and funders is an extraordinary idea. The home of Parisians is the ideal place for these connections to be made.”









Omnipresent in our daily life, the media and the stories they tell have a major impact on the way we understand our world and today’s social and environmental challenges.


Our actions:

- Providing inspiring stories with greater visibility by encouraging scriptwriters and producers to highlight social and environmental issues and by gathering experts around them;

- Measuring the impact of delivered messages on the audience (before and after broadcast) and raising awareness on critical issues; and

- Inspiring action by using the full potential of communication and broadcasters.



UsING fiction and storytelling TO INSPIRE ACTION

Created by INCO, this international award aims at supporting women who across the world chose entrepreneurship as a leverage tool of emancipation and an answer to tackle major social and environnemental issues of their communities.


This year, 9 countries are participating to this initiative : United-States, Bangladesh, South Africa, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Chili, China (Hong-Kong), and Morrocco


In each of these countries, national jurys chose a candidate that will compete the 30th of March before the Grand final Jury. The great winner will designated during Impact².

The first global competitioN FOR WOMEN THAT CHANGE THE WORLD


The world's leading event dedicated to  the new economy

1,500 participants - 50 COUNTRIES




"This is the most important moment of my life. I don't speak for me but for the 8 million of empty stomachs that could be fill simply with a little garden. I dont know what you say apart from : thank you.”


1st consortium for a new economy, inclusive and sustainable

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