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Jean is the founder of Phénix, a web platform giving a second life to waste products, reducing food waste and participating to the development of a more circular economy, where the waste of some can become raw materials for others.



“The investment and support of INCO were necessary to grow, scale up, and realize our ambitious development plan in France. We are really glad to have a team of finance experts on our side who also pays attention to our social impact and how to measure it and enhance it”.



 Enterprises applying for funding must meet the following eligibility criteria:

 - Be an incorporated business from the green and/or social sector(s) and addressing innovatively an unmet need related to access to education, employment, healthcare, housing, clean energy, etc.;

 - Have completed their proof of concept, with a sustainable business model;

 - Be at the growth capital stage, with a high potential to scale up;

- Be registered in France with any legal forms (corporations, nonprofit organizations, cooperatives, etc.). 


If you’re seeking funding and fit these criteria, please fill out the application form below or contact us at





There are innovative enterprises developing sustainable business models to address today's most pressing and green challenges. These entrepreneurs create a new economic paradigm for a more sustainable and inclusive growth. 


INCO manages 100 million of euros through three impact investing funds. It provides long term equity and quasi-equity for social enterprises to fuel their growth and help them achieving a higher social impact. We provide long term financing (5 to 7 years) alongside strategic and technical support.






 INCO Ratings is a unique financial and impact assessment methodology adapted to social businesses. INCO Ratings is based on:

- More than 600 financial and extra-financial criteria;

- A tailor-made assessment: our methodology has been specifically created for 16 industries including healthcare, accessibility for the disabled, fair trade, workforce development, clean and renewable energy, etc.).


INCO Ratings has been recognized as a reference by many corporations and public authorities.


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