With 500+ entrepreneurs and startups supported across the globe,
Impact Network provides entrepreneurs with the strategic support, coaching, mentorship and access to funding so they can grow and develop globally.


Our team is committed to helping entrepreneurs flourish and exchange with experts and mentors, supporting them in fundraising, and providing them access to our turnkey support methodology.


Each year, entrepreneurs get the opportunity to attend the Impact² World Forum, an international event gathering social businesses, policy-makers, and global financial institutions around impact investing-related opportunities and challenges.

#1 global network of ACCELERATORS FOR green and social startups


Impact Network, empowered by INCO, is the #1 global network of accelerators for green and social startups, helping change makers turn ideas into actions.


We support innovative projects, including Tech4Good Initiatives that harness the power of new technology.


We provide our entrepreneurs with outstanding opportunities to:

1st consortium for a new economy, inclusive and sustainable

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